What Clients Say

I hired Mandy without looking at other wedding planners because I knew her personally and knew I would feel comfortable. Initially I wasn’t sure how much help I would need and in the end I was incredibly grateful for her expertise, organization, professionalism, and personalized approach. My (now) husband and I wanted a individualized wedding day with many details and moving parts. Mandy listened to our ideas and was able to take our vision and execute it beautifully! We definitely had a one-of-a-kind wedding, exactly as we imagined, largely thanks to Mandy. Mandy went above and beyond vendor communication/coordination anticipating all scenarios to avoid even minor hiccups on the wedding day. She even arrived at the venue at 6 AM on the day-of for our daytime wedding! We wanted to hire a planner to alleviate as much stress from our family, friends, and ourselves on the day-of so that we could enjoy the time with each other and our guests. I tend to have difficulty delegating, but after all of our planning and seeing how dedicated Mandy was, I knew that she had it all under control and was able to relax and enjoy our wedding weekend. I hope I don’t get married again, but if I could go back in time I would hire Nashville Affair to plan my wedding every time. I cannot brag on Mandy enough, she is excellent at her job and I would give my full recommendation to anyone getting married in the Nashville area!

-Amanda F.


Mandy did an incredible job as our day of wedding planner. She went over and beyond the whole year before to answer any questions that I may have had and even got us the best DJ for our wedding. She made sure the night of the wedding went so smooth so that the groom and I could sit back and just enjoy the night. She handled everything with great professionalism and I would definitely recommend her to anyone!

-Brianna A.


Mandy did an excellent job as our wedding planner!! I had a vague idea in mind for what I wanted my wedding day to be like and she helped me put it into practice. She understood my budget and “open” guest list(we had an RSVP list but kept adding until a few days before due to inviting our whole church). She was flexible with my work schedule and our meetings(a few in person, vendor appointments, phone calls, emails, etc). She kept us informed of updates, reminders, payments due, etc. She never missed an appointment or forgot to tell me something! I probably stressed her out with my last min work schedule changes but she never let her stress show! She even reassured us and helped me de-stress when wedding planning got overwhelming. Throughout this whole process many of my wants, ideas, wishes have changed about our vision of the ideal wedding. The two things that never changed are that my husband and I love each other AND that we needed Mandy as our wedding planner!!
The day of our wedding-according to my husband and I the day went perfectly. I’m sure things went wrong but no one could tell-mandy is to thank for that! She turned a plain church fellowship hall into a beautiful rustic reception-photo booth, ladder to display wedding pics of our families, coffee and dessert bar were all beautifully decorated and “Pinterest worthy” She, along with the vendors she connected us to, made our wedding and reception an affair to remember!
Our families and we are grateful to Mandy Stickel and Nashville Affair for their assistance and care to make our wedding day a day we will treasure and remember forever!!

-Ashley C.


Mandy and Nashville Affair took our daughters wedding dreams to a level that words cannot begin to describe! From a Mother of the Brides perspective I couldn’t have walked away wanting anything more than how it all played out or wishing that maybe we could have done this or that differently. Mandy was an absolute dream come true for us and her attention to detail all the way down to the last person turning off the lights left nothing to be desired. What we now have are wonderful heart warming and emotional memories of a more than perfect wedding day! How she made ME feel took my thoughts off of what needed to be done or who needed to do what, so that my main focus was on my daughter. My only job was to live in every moment and take it all in so that I could remember this as one of the best days of our lives!Mandy made sure of that down to the last minute and I will never be able to express to her or Nashville Affair just how much that really meant to me. If you need or want someone to ensure that your wedding or a wedding of someone you know goes seamlessly- Mandy is your person! I cannot say enough about her love for LOVE!

-Deanna C. (Mother of the Bride)


Mandy and Nashville Affair fulfilled my expectations for my wedding and all of the planning involved. Mandy made it totally hassle free and handled every detail big or small with all of my vendors. I added things last minute and changed my mind a million times–which never phased Mandy. She made sure that all of the visions I had for the wedding were present and made possible by the vendors. I would recommend her to any and every bride. She is so on top of details and thought of things that never crossed my mind. Thanks to Mandy, my wedding went off without a hitch and was complimented by each and every guest!!!

-Kaitlyn H.


When we initially started planning for our wedding, we did not plan on using any kind of a wedding coordinator.  We wanted to have a simple wedding and did not think it would be necessary.  However, as the wedding started getting closer, we realized that it would be nice to have someone who could take the reigns for us to enjoy a stress-free wedding day.  That was exactly what Mandy did for us!  We met with her several times, so she knew exactly what we were envisioning.  From the very beginning, she was very organized and incredibly easy to work with.  Our wedding day could not have gone more smoothly, and we know a big part of that was due to her organization and assistance.  A wedding can be a stressful time and it can be difficult to give up control during such a big day in your life, but with Mandy there, we did not have to worry about a thing because we knew she would do all she could to make our day everything we wanted!  If you are looking for a wedding director, we would definitely recommend Mandy.  We know she will work to make your big day as special as ours!

-Chandler & Erin


Mandy is unbelievably fabulous at what she does. From the tiniest details to the biggest obstacles she was organized, professional, and kind all in one. She knows how to get things done efficiently and flawlessly, taking all pressure from anyone directly involved in the wedding. I honestly don’t know what we would have done without her! Thank you Mandy for helping make our wedding day stress free-you’re the best!

-Laura Jo & Taylor


As a wedding photographer, I have seen firsthand how stressful a wedding can be on a bride (and almost always is) when there is no planner/coordinator involved. So I knew I needed someone there, not only on the day of, but a few months out to help with the thousand things that go into pulling off a wedding! And having Mandy as our planner/coordinator seriously saved our wedding. There are always going to be hiccups and things that don’t go according to plan at weddings, but the fact that I made it through my entire wedding day without having to deal with or feel the weight of any of those stresses was such a blessing!

Mandy took care of everything during our wedding, from making sure each vendor was there on time and delivered what was agreed on, to making guests feel comfortable, to even getting Stevie & I our dinner for us. She has a heart of gold and is it so obvious the passion she has for what she does. Mandy is organized down to the last detail. Really, nothing gets past her. Most of all, she cares about her couples and never loses focus of the vision they have for their day. She takes time to find out what is important to them and what they want for their wedding, and completely supports it and sees it through to the very end, all while offering amazing advise, ideas, and insight. She does nothing half-heartedly and is one of the hardest working people in the wedding industry! If you’re looking for someone that you can trust with the best day of your life, Mandy is your girl.

-Sara-Lane and Stevie


I recently worked with Mandy as a vendor for a wedding she planned and it was a wonderful experience. I have worked with many wedding coordinators and I can truly say that Mandy is leaps and bounds above many others. She is so organized and communicated the needs of her clients clearly and effectively. I never had any questions about where I needed to be with the cake and when. Her attention to detail is a quality I greatly appreciate in any event planner.

-Sarah W.